Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Duffel Bag Project

     As you are all most likely aware from my last post, I love sewing.  I've thought for a long time that I should blog about some of my sewing projects, but I never think of it until after I've finished the project, and then it just seems like a dum-dum-head thing to do, because I wouldn't have any in-progress pictures.  I also keep thinking that I ought to blog more (not least because Maggie recently surpassed me in pageviews.  If you click on that link, I'll kill you.), but can't think of anything  good to blog about!  However, I just recently decided on my next sewing project, and I want y'all to keep me accountable and make sure I finish it!
Thread Theory
Four Square Walls
Stones Throw on Kollabora
Effortless Attention

    I've been pining over the Portside Travel Set for months now, after seeing so many beYOOtiful versions around, so I finally decided to make it!  I haven't bought the pattern yet, as I'm waiting to figure out whether it's a paper version that gets sent by snail mail (preferable), or one that must be printed out at home, but I hope to get it, and get started on it, soon!  I don't know my color scheme yet, so any suggestions on that would be very helpful!  I'm thinking maybe black on bottom, some black and white pattern on top, and a hot pink lining, but K Beff thinks I would get tired of it, and she may be right.  I think it's probable that the hot pink would help me avoid that, though.
      My goal is to get it done before my summer traveling starts (So if you want to see it in person, come to BWSC!  Oh, I'm sorry, was that an accidental plug for the best conference in the world?  Nope!  It was an ON PURPOSE plug for the best conference in the world!), so it's y'all's job to make sure I stay on track, and harass me if it seems to be taking too long.  I will try to post about my progress periodically, and especially when it's finished.  SO MAKE SURE YOU'RE DOING YOUR JOB!  See ya!


  1. At first I thought the pictures in this post were finished duffle bags you'd already made. I was drawing up plans to kill you and take them. Because, of course, I want to have ALL the nice things. If you ever make anything as chic and hipster, as these bags, though, I call dibs on interviewing you for the secrets so I can make them too. Got it? Sew them at your peril.

    1. Well, I just officially bought the pattern yesterday, so hopefully I'll be making it pretty soon, and then I'd love to talk to you about it! MAYBE YOU CAN COME VISIT, AND WE CAN MAKE ONE TOGETHER! It would be grand!