Friday, February 6, 2015


     I have officially bought the pattern for my latest project, and I would imagine it will get here within a week or so, therefore, NOW Y'ALL GET TO HELP ME PICK THE COLORS!  I've come up with several color options (along with descriptions of how I'd use them), and you get to vote in the poll on the side!  Of course, it will partially depend on what fabric I can find, but I'll do my best!  I can't guarantee that I'll follow the majority opinion, but given that I like all the options, I agree to at least consider it.  IT'S GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN!  Okay, let's get started.
1.  In this color scheme, I would be using black for the bottom half, some black and white pattern for the top (I was thinking some kind of abstract floral.  Feel free to chip in an opinion in the comments!), and a solid hot pink lining.
2.  With these colors, the bottom would, again, be black, and the lining solid grapefruit pink, but the top would be polka dotted.  If you vote for this one, please tell me in the comments whether you think black with white polka dots, or white with black polka dots would look better.
3.  Black on the bottom, black and white stripes on top (wide stripes, I think), and red with white polka dots for the lining
4.  From here on out, all the whites look a little gray, but trust me, they're supposed to be white.  Hey look!  Finally one without black!  This color scheme would have navy blue on the bottom, navy blue and white stripes on the top (again, kind of white stripes), and a solid yellow lining.
5.  Ugh, stinky gray!  Everything looks a little darker than it's supposed to here, actually.  Here I would be using an orange bottom, an orange and white chevron top (That's probably Maggie's favorite choice, just because she loves chevron.  Don't click on that link, her blog is terrible.  Just kidding it's really good, but still don't click on it.), and turquoise lining.
6.  It's a little hard to tell here, but that color on the left is brown.  I've always dreamed of having a tower bedroom with mint green wallpaper with brown polka dots, and that would be the primary fabric here!  The bottom half would be solid brown, and the lining light pink.
7.  I love purple, so I couldn't just make a list without ANY purple options!  Envision, if you will, a purple bottom, narrow purple and white stripes for the top, and a mint green lining.
8.  Strawberry lemonade is one of my favorite color schemes that there are, so obviously I had to consider that for my first ever really cool traveling bag.  Here, I would be using this raspberry sorbet-ish shade of pink for the bottom, ideally finding a pink, yellow, and white pinstriped fabric and using that vertically for the top, and using solid yellow for the lining.
9.  Ooh, watermelon!  If I used this color scheme, I would be putting green on the bottom half (I haven't decided yet which shade of green to use, so if you vote for this option, tell me in the comments which you like better!), a pinstripe of all four colors in the above palette, also vertical (keep in mind, that this is an idealized image, and it will also depend on what fabric I can find), and lining it with solid pink.
     Okay, now you have all of my color schemes, go vote!  The poll will be open for two weeks, but that's not an excuse to procrastinate, it's just an excuse to vote once a day, and give you more time to get as many people as possible to vote.  Thank you all for your input!