Saturday, March 14, 2015


     I got the fabric for my Portside duffel bag a little over a week ago!  I actually keep meaning to post about it, but kept putting off taking a picture (of course, once I did, it took about two minutes), and finally only got to it because I wanted to start cutting on it.  To be honest, even though I still like them, I sort of haven't had as much motivation to make the bag since I bought them, because the colors aren't quite right.  I was hoping for a deeper, redder orange, and stark white, instead of off white, but while they had a perfect chevron in those colors, there was no solid orange to match, so off white and Tennessee orange it was!  However, from a distance it's hard to tell that the white isn't really white, and I like most shades of orange, so it's not the end of the world.  I only got the materials I needed to start, so I don't have the lining yet, but it shouldn't be hard to find a thin cotton in whatever color I choose, so I'm pretty excited about the prospect of getting it!
     The main fabric stores around here (I usually go to Hancock's, but there's also a Joann) don't really have a great selection of heavier fabrics, such as canvas (which this is) so I did my research beforehand and went to a store specifically for home decor fabrics, to which I'd never been, and I was a little nervous as I parked, because it was in a sort of secluded spot, the kind of place that makes me regret that I never remember my pepper spray, but then when I walked in, it was beautiful!  They had oodles of canvas type fabrics, in all sorts of wonderful colors and patterns, and I think I'll be going there for all of my home decor fabrics from now on!
     Fare thee well, I'm off to cut the pieces!

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